Health Coaching

Many of our clients don’t have to pay a penny out of pocket. Inspire Me Wellness has partnered with Physician’s Treatment Center and our health coaching services are often covered under your health insurance. Contact us today with any questions.  

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So, what is a Health Coach?

“A wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices. Health Coaches educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavioral adjustments. ” -Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Do you feel eating like healthy is expensive? Don’t have time to cook nutritious meals? Feeling stressed out every time you walk into the grocery store? Do you think your kids will never eat healthy food? Let us help you. If you want to an individualized program for you and/or your family then contact our integrative nutrition coaches today.

 A health coach can help you with much more than you might think. 

• Reduce bloating
• Eliminate eczema
• Help cure type II diabetes
• Ease aches and pains
• Pin point food allergies
• Clear your skin
• Increase energy
• Get rid of fatigue
• Increase hair and nail growth
• Improve sleep
• Lower risk of chronic diseases

• Reduce or eliminate the need for medication associated    with blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, and depression
• Reduce and eliminate sugar cravings
• Help you navigate the grocery store
• Learn how to read labels
• Replace items you eat everyday with healthy alternatives
• Provide cooking classes (at home and corporate)
• Learn how to shop at the community market
• Teach children how to enjoy eating healthy



With our personalized wellness programs, you can work one on one with our coaches. Our experts will craft a customized program that will fit your preferences and goals!


To get started today, begin by filling out our health history form here or contact us! We can’t wait to get started.