Giving Back

We love to work in our community. Changing the way we teach children to think about nutrition will change the future. If we give children the proper tools to make informative decisions with their food choices, the world can become a happier and healthier place for all of us. Below are programs we currently offer:



The program highlights are:

How to read a food label.
How to make a healthy snack.
The importance of hydration.
The difference between added sugar and natural sugar.
What it means to eat clean.
How movement can effect our day.
Introduces healthy foods that taste delicious.


Have you seen Iron Chef on TV? For the past five years we have been bringing this exciting competition to our local school. The program highlights are:

Five days of nutrition education.
What constitutes a “clean” meal?
How to make food taste great with herbs and spices.
What is an anti-oxidant and what are the health benefits?
How to read a food label.
How to explain the nutritional components of a meal to a large group.
How to prepare, execute, and serve a healthy meal.


FARM TO SCHOOL WEEK is celebrated all across our country every October. Learn how to bring this program to your school. We can consult with you to get your local program started. (link to contact page)

How does Inspire Me Wellness make it special?

• The first four days local farmers join us in the cafeteria to talk about what they grow, how they grow it, and offer tastings to all the students.
• On day five the local farmers join us for a “Farmers Market” at the school and bring truckloads of fresh produce to sell.
• Examples of products sold include spinach, kale, pumpkins, apples, squash, homemade organic breads and muffins, homemade soups, local grass fed beef, pastured chickens and eggs, flowers, locally roasted coffee, and much more.
• A meal prepared with ALL LOCAL INGREDIENTS is served to over 400 children and parents.
• The students and their families enjoy eating outside, picnic style and purchasing all the delicious local goods.