Meet the Founders

Fueled by their passion for healthy living and wellness education, Tiffany Tatom and Mary Cope, graduates of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition founded Inspire Me Wellness.

Tiffany loves people; ask anyone who knows her.  Becoming a health coach and meeting new people, while helping them achieve their goals for a happier and healthier life is the perfect way for her to combine her love of people and passion for wellness. Her secret is simple: keep nutrition and movement fun. No scales, no calorie counting, no rice cakes (unless you beg for them) and never any OKRA. She is real, honest, and, without a doubt, passionate. Having raised three boys, she is not afraid of a challenge. She can’t wait to meet you and begin your own wellness adventure together.


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Naturally a free-spirit, Mary Cope, co-founder of Inspire Me Wellness is passionate about making her clients feel amazing inside and out. Mary discovered her love for food when traveling. Mary believes that most things in life should not be taken too seriously… especially nutrition. “Nutrition talk can be grueling and quite frankly, boring to people. Count this, Count that. I try to take that information and translate it to “real talk”. How can we make this fun? I am not about to lay numbers on my clients. I want my clients to make natural choices based on what they are craving and what their bodies need. You should not need a calculator when meal planning. It should be simple, exciting, and fun.” Mary’s two most important loves are her two children who challenge her every day to come up with better recipes (and punch lines). Her other interests include sports, music, and animals. Really, any animal.


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